Brick Breakers Maryland Team #394

The Brick Breakers have won the Rookie All Star at the 2009 Power Hawks FLL Qualifiers!

The Brick Breakers would like to thank all of the Organizers, Judges, and every one else who volunteered to make FLL what it is.

Hello our team name is Brick Breakers Team #394

Team members; Gavin, Zoë, Madilyn, Nicolas, Cordell, Melodie

Coaches and Mentors; Ben, Stacie, Deborah, Gilbert

Mission report
Our first goal was to pick 2 missions to focus on. The first one to do is the crash test.
First we tried to find short-cuts. We decided to go over the wall. That worked Ok so I did a few simple forward, backward and turning in the program. We did treads so it could go up ramps and walls easier. The passengers are on the front of the robot and they’re on a long, thin block (not shown in picture). The crash test figure is on a connector, pinned to the robot.


Project report

We decided that our problem would be about sidewalks because they can help save money on gas, help people and animals exercise, and keep people out of the street. We decided we had to figure out how we can make it to Lake Waterford Park without using a car. For Experts, we talked to the Anne Arundel County Public Works Department for information on sidewalks and Deborah talked to her neighborhood’s Community Association President. The Experts told us that a lot of people don’t want sidewalks and when a lot of neighborhoods were built, sidewalks weren’t required. Our solutions are Jersey walls, Slides, Rope bridges and Innovative Tunnels to help move people in a safe and healthy way.


Teamwork information

One of our teamwork tests was making a structure out of marshmallows and uncooked spaghetti. The next one was to build a robot base using teamwork. Lastly, we made cookies without any parental help.


“Don’t say to other people; ‘I’m the boss around here!!’. ‘Cause that’s not gracious professionalism, right?” 

“If you do teamwork, you can get things done.”

Fun facts

2 sets of siblings.

All home schooled.

New and former FLL teammates

Madi & Ben can sew dolls and Teddy bears!

Our team consists of 2 families that are both homeschooling.
Our Average age is 9 years old.
We have an even number of  3 girls and 3 boys on our team